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Membership Information

Geographical Restrictions

Only those residing within the WRA “nearby residential areas” are eligible to join the WRA. The boundaries of “nearby residential areas” are defined as the George Washington Parkway to the east and street addresses on the near side of Collingwood Road to the north and of Fort Hunt Road to the west and south.


Existing members who now live outside the WRA boundaries may keep their membership. In addition, existing and future members who live inside the WRA boundaries now may keep their memberships if they move outside the boundaries.

WRA Application Process

Individuals and families wishing to become members of the WRA need to submit an application on-line.

To submit your application, please visit our homepage ( and click on "Apply for Membership." 

Please note that there is currently a 5-6 year wait for 

Membership Fees (Informational use only and subject to change)
Do not send any payments until you have been offered a 

Current cost of Membership Certificate: $ 785
New member fees: $ 50 (for the first member, $7 for each additional member)
New member administrative fee: $ 250
2017 - 2018 Dues and Assessment $645 and $65
Fees vary for Approved Users.  Additional fees for Caregivers, guest passes, etc. may apply.
All fees and dues and assessments are subject to change at any time.