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2019-2020 WRA Board of Directors (See the Contact Us page to reach the Board.)

President – Byron Adams
Vice President -- Soren Rose
Treasurer – Dan Warco
Secretary – Karin Dushaw
Membership – Shelly Arnoldi
Grounds – Lyndsay Austin
Pool – Tom Anglin
Special Events -- Michelle Boling
Sports – Stephanie Angle

About the Board

The WRA Board consists of 9 members, each serving a three year term.  Every year, during the September General Membership meeting, three board members retire and three new members are voted in.  The Board positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Pool Chair, Tennis Chair, Membership Chair, Grounds and Facility Chair, Special Events Chair.  The Board is assisted by a paid Business Manager.

The Board holds monthly working meetings, and two General Membership meetings.  One meeting is held at 8pm on the second Monday in February, at which time the current members adopt a budget for the current fiscal year.  The second meeting is held at 8pm on the last Monday of September, at which time the members elect three Directors.